Support and emergence of Greek commercial networks

The long presence of Greek commercial networks in Central Europe and overseas has to be viewed and spread products bequeathed to us by Greek earth.

There were and there are times when productive and export agencies are powerless to resist the unfair global competition.

The only solution to address improvement and promotion of Greek products is the concentration of all the commercial networks to correct the mistakes of the past and facing the crisis.


Bridge of experience between traders and producers

The commercial networks are the first-line treatment:

a) The quality competition

b) The qualitative appearance

c) The communication package (languages ​​- foreign languages)


The commercial networks offer in the productive powers

a) The knowledge of the local market

b) The way of sales support

c) The promotions

d) Information on competition

e) Inform producers for any deficiencies in local market to be filled with Greek products   and ensure the continuous flow of information to upgrade their products to become more competitive.


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