Extract of the “Association of Overseas Greek Food and Drinks Importers” ‘statute

I. Creation-Name-Residence-Objective

1. “Association of Overseas Greek Food and Drinks importers” (distinctive name SELETROPE), is a non-profit organization ,established with the decision No. 10018/10 of the Multi-members Court of First Instance of Thessaloniki.
The Association has a round stamp which bears its name and the foundation year (2009) in a circular mode and in the middle it bears the sign of a globe.
2. The Association’s Headquarters is located at the current President’s city of residence.
3. The Association’s objectives are the following:
a) Safeguarding, protection and promotion of the professional, economic, social and moral interests of its members, specially by the joint study and treatment of sectoral problems, general and local, the application of the ethical rules/standards of the practice of the commercial and export profession as well as ensuring collegial solidarity.
b) The promotion and support of Greek products and services abroad and the representation in Greece and abroad of the companies with international activity and the sectors of the economy, in which they belong.
c) The active participation of the Association to the general issues of the National Economy aimed at the economic development of Greece in general and the promotion of Greek exports (of products and services) and of Greek investments abroad.
d) The study and the research of the market conditions in the sector of products and services’ exports and of the Greek investments abroad, collecting information and statistical data aimed at the member’s information, the participation to Committees determining the economic policy and the intervention during the determination of the national, European and international economic policy to all issues related to the Association’s objectives.
e) The cooperation with European Agencies and professional associations, organizations and Chambers of the EU members States.
f) The best use of national, European and international programmes for the amelioration of the professional interests of its members.
g) The cooperation with respective organizations, associations or chambers around the world.
h) The participation of the association to inter-professional organizations and to international unions of similar associations and International Organizations or Institutions in general for the promotion of the exporters’ interests ( or entrepreneurs with international activity in general)
i) The contribution to the general economic, social and cultural development of the country.

V. Members
Article 7
The members of the Association are distinguishes in: full, institutional, associated and prominent.
1. As full members of the Association can be enrolled natural or legal persons of private law, Greek or of Greek interest, who occupy with international entrepreneurship (exclusively food-drink-Greek products’ producers) and have their registered office or maintain permanent establishment.


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