“Feta” from France and Denmark

Letter of Complaint of Mr. Michalis Arvanitis for the use of the designation “Feta” on products that do not comply with the legislation on PDO.

Attn: Mr. A.Fotopoulos
Notification to the president of ELGO Dimitra (Agrocent) Mr. Serkos Haroutounian
Notifications: Ministry of Rural Development, SEVGAP,SELETROPE,VETH, Greek embassies in Washington, Paris and Copenhagen

Dear Sirs,
During a trip to the U.S.A., I came across 3 cases that do not comply with the PDO legislation. There are cheeses, produced in France and Denmark and are sold in the U.S. as “Feta”.

1. President, Valbreso Feta και Feta Light, code FR – 48.094.011


2. Arla, Apetina Danish Feta in oil, code DK – M166


3.Boboris Bros Feta, of unknown origin, is indicated as “product of EU” and bears 3 flags: Greek-Italian-French


The first two cases concern great companies that export large quantities in many third countries. As you can see, in the third case, no information concerning the location where the cheese is produced is indicated etc. But I know that it is distributed by Saputo, a great company in cheese distribution in the USA and in Canada. We have to protect ourselves from those who do not respect the European legislation on PDO.

Please ensure the protection not only of feta cheese, but the fairness in the production companies of Europe as well.

Yours sincerely,
Michalis Arvanitis


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