Mikroulis Star Transport e.K

“Arrestment of the drivers of the German Transport Company “Mikroulis Star Transport e.K.” and confiscation of truck with the accusation of migrants smuggling”

Hanover-based company “Mikroulis GmbH” is the largest company in Germany that occupies with the imports of Greek Food and Drinks.

The company, except for the export and promotion of the products, also occupies with their transport and because of this, in 2009 Mikroulis Star Transport e.K. was founded –based in Hanover as well.

The company was and still is facing problems with the Greek authorities at the ports of Patra and Igoumenitsa. While the company drivers are fully aware of the migrants smuggling problem and the dangers that rise from it, the conditions prevailing at the ports and the authorities’ attitude claiming they have no competence just perpetuate the problem.

Recently, “Mikroulis  Star Transport e.K.” ‘drivers were involved in a case of migrants smuggling. The ship was moored at Igoumenitsa Port with Italy as its final destination, when the driver detected a broken hatch. He reported the incident to the port Gate in order to get the truck checked by the authorities. The illegal immigrant was found and arrested, but due to a false and inaccurate report, the 2 company drivers were also arrested and detained in inhuman conditions and the truck was confiscated as well.

Later, it was revealed that the liberation of the drivers and the lifting on the truck confiscation were delayed unjustifiably because the Prosecutor did not have enough time to concern because of Fat Thursday.

We think that the company’s activities promote the Greek exports and boost the Greek economy. It is inexcusable to be facing such problems in the execution of our work and suffer the above losses.

We hope for your intervention.

Yours faithfully,

Athanasios Mikroulis

Executive director


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